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Why Choose Granite Gourmet?

Mail Order Available

Whether buying for yourself or sending a gift to someone you love, in just a few clicks, you can order from our secure website. Who doesn’t love getting a package of deliciousness in the mail?!

Never Run Out of Jam

When running out of jam sounds too terrible to comprehend, join our jam-of-the-month club! Rest easy knowing that you’ll never run out. Monthly and quarterly options are available. See below for more subscription details.

It's Easy to Connect

While our website is under construction, you can find us at
Apparently website building is slow-going for a non-professional, so we appreciate your patience while we work to enhance your shopping experience.


Freshness Comes First

Granite Gourmet only uses the freshest, most beautiful fruit in our jams. No “seconds” or B-grade ingredients here. Fresh tastes best!


Our Customers Rave

We don’t like to brag. But we’re going to brag. Our customers have always provided incredibly positive feedback. They love our jams, and you will, too!

Local Ingredients

Our customers asked, we provided. We now offer a selection of our exquisite jams that are made with fruit and berries from a local farm right here in Milton, NH. Look for the “Local Jams” option in our online store.

Subscribe today and never run out of jam!

Our  clients wouldn’t stop asking us for a recurring membership service, so we delivered! We now offer two subscription options to keep our cutomers well-stocked. If you just can’t wait for our jam (and who would blame you for that?!), then the monthly option is probably your best bet. With a recurring payment of $19.99/month, we’ll send you two jars of our finest jam every single month!

Or if you’re the more patient type, check out our quarterly option. Because our shipping and labor costs are lower with this option, we pass those savings along to you! You’ll pay $14.99/month, and after three months of payments, we’ll ship out the equivilent of three month’s worth of jam (6 jars) right to your door.

Subscription prices are based on shipping to the lower 48 states. Contact us for other shipping options. Shipments go out during the first week of the month.

Individual Orders
Place a one-time order
USPS Priority Mail shipping costs are displayed in your shopping cart
Receive your order in five business days
Monthly Subscription
2 jars of jam per month
Shipping included
Pay monthly, receive your shipment monthly
Quarterly Subscription
6 jars of jam per quarter
Shipping included
Pay monthly, receive three month's worth of jam (6 jars) once each quarter.
Wholesale Orders
Prices Vary
Wholesale pricing available on orders of 50 or more
Shipping included in your quote
Signage included for retail displays upon request



Granite Gourmet Foods is based in Milton, NH specializing in small-batch artisan jams. After starting in small, local markets, we expanded to offer online ordering and recurring monthly or quarterly subscriptions. We also offer bulk and wholesale orders. If you’d like to book Granite Gourmet Foods at your upcoming market or include our products in your retail establishment, please visit the Contact Us page.


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Your feedback, suggestions, and encuragement is incredibly important to us. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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